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The Cupper Carafe

Why use a clay carafe?


Because a good cup of coffee is a prime daily pleasure. How it’s made and kept until you drink it is important to that experience. Our Carafe has the natural strength and heat retaining properties of clay to keep your brew hugged in even warmth until you pour your next delicious cup. As you use your Cupper Carafe, it mellows much the way a good earthenware teapot does. At home or at work you can experience one of life’s simple pleasures—a good cup of coffee graciously served from a beautiful piece of pottery. Enjoy!


The Cupper Carafe fits most 12 cup coffee makers! They have a capacity of 10  4 oz cups (40oz)


Our Cupper Carafe is individually hand crafted, hand glazed and it is the ONLY Microwaveable brewing carafe available today.

Replaces Glass Carafes!

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